Cangzhou Oriental veterinary medicine co., LTD. Is a production, processing, sales for the integration of large enterprises, cangzhou Oriental veterinary medicine co., LTD., has, for many years been rated as heavy contract, keep promise enterprise at the provincial level, provincial consumer trust unit, 11 years in a row was rated excellent veterinary drug production units. 

Oriental veterinary medicine co., LTD is a production, processing, sales for the integration of large enterprises, the company has, for many years been rated as provincial heavy contract, keep promise enterprise, is the provincial consumer trust unit, 11 consecutive years was named the veterinary drug production units.

Company to a high starting point, high quality, high efficiency as the goal, since its launch, many recruiting talents and the company's high level production, testing equipment and management pattern, the staff worked hard, to advance reform, opening up, bold innovation, a year a big step forward……

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